Folding Walkers ( DD )

- High cross bar allows use in bathroom

-Height Adjustable 
-Wide Assortment of accessories (optional )
-Non- Slip rubber tips for added safety
-Fold flat for storage and travel
-Suitable for people recovering from hip, leg, ankle, and foot fracture.
 One button release mechanism for folding

Folding Cane and Seat        Side Walker

-Easy to switch a cane to         - Left/right Hand

  a seat for a short rest             - Height adjustable

-non-slip rubber tips
for added safety                         -Four feet with non-                                                         slip rubber tips
-DD honored products

Airgo® Folding Walker with 5" Wheels (770-120)

Now $92.00 No HST


-Economical and lightweight

-Has plastic glide tips
-1” diameter anodized aluminum tubing

- Geometric design and angled front legs

-Its front bar acts as a support rail for use over a commode bowl
-One button folding mechanism makes it easy to open and close
-It comes with glide tips
-Weight capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)

Aluminum Folding Walker with Paddle Release by Airgo®

Silver, Adult, Height Adjustable from 32 in to 39 in (81 cm to 99 cm) (770-180/1)

Now $75.00 No HST

A lightweight  and quality walker
-Easy to reach paddles allow user to fold walker safely without taking their hands off  the handle
- Simple to clean fram
-1” diameter anodized aluminum tubing
-5” wheels and rear glide tips
-Weight capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)
Trio Rollator Walker 


2-button Walker with 5" wheels
Online Sales Now $75.00 or above 
Adult walker without wheels
Online Sales now $75.00 or above
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