Rollator Rental

Rollator For Rent

Standard Rental Device Includes

-Rollator (its type may vary subject to its availability).


-Rent $30.00/week


Optional extra:

-      $25/one-way for delivery or pick-up in GTA


How Our Rental Process works

1.  Pick-up and drop-off by yourself

The rollator is available at BMP Promises in Brampton, Ontario

2.  Rentals are only for Greater Toronto Area or based on mutual agreement if you live outside of GTA.



Your Reservation

Please call to confirm the availability of the equipment on the dates required. A non-refundable confirmation deposit $20 is mandatory to confirm the rollator rental reservation.


Rent to Own

Partial or 100% of the Rental Charge may be deducted against a future purchase of a new BMP Mobility Vehicle if purchased at our standard retail price within 30 days of the rental period commencement date

*This offer may not be combined with any other special offer or special pricing. Not valid with ADP or other financing programs*


Rules and Regulations

       The user and the person who rents the equipment agrees to indemnify and save harmless BMP groups and their employees from any and all liabilities, damages, costs, claims, suits or actions to arise out of or in consequence of the use of the equipment during the rental period.

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Our rental service is ideal for a short-term use like an emergency event, visiting a friend/relative, attending a party/convention etc. Your need is our priority to make it ready for you !!! Contact information.

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