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Mobility Scooter Battery Selection Guide

A. Basic knowledge about batteries

In today's daily lives, more and more people have enhanced their lives by using electric power chairs and mobility scooters. These mobility devices are powered by batteries. Almost all electric mobility devices use a 24-volt system consisting of an electric scooter or power chair battery pack made up of two 12 volt units linked together. The differences in batteries can be attributed to two factors:
composition, and amp hour rating.

B. Battery Composition

There are several terms that are generally used to designate the differences in electric scooter battery composition. These refer to the physical size and properties of the batteries themselves, and do not relate to power output or between-charge longevity. Any battery types will work well for modern mobility scooters as they are properly charged.

a. Sealed Lead Acid(SLA) Batteries 
b. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries
c. Gel Batteries
d. U1 Batteries

C. Amp Hour Rating

The amp hour rating of a scooter battery is an indication of travel rang and between charge longevity. A higher or lower amp hour rating will not affect the battery's lifespan, nor will it change the scooter's top speed. Think of an amp hour rating as an indication of the Time Length of a Usable Charge, but not necessarily its strength or volume. 
It is very important to replace your scooter or power chair battery pack as a single unit; that is, to change both batteries at the same time instead of only installing a single new battery harnessed up to an an older one.

We sell every kind of batteries for mobility devices, and any other commercial purposes. The batteries are designed to be more durable, more affordable and more dependable, and that is what we are striving to best serve our clients

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