Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Grab Bars

(12", 16", 18",24" and 32")
Now on sales now $19.99 and up
Rotating Flange Bars.

Padded Bathtub Transfer Benches 
With Commode Opening

Padded Bathtub Transfer Benches

No.1 Seller - Invacare Tool-free Transfer Bench

CareGuard Tool-less Transfer Bench

The best choice is for someone after surgery or who needs assistance going in and out of bath tub easily and comfortably.

Transfer Board ( Red handles optional)

Tub Bar -- Invacare
On Sale Now $85.00

Deluxe Aluminum Bath Bench
Without Back 

Sliding Transfer Bench 
On Sales $230.00

Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

Our Special Price is $1,200.00 in Fall !!
The lightest bathlift on the market
Seat height reaches a record 18.8"
Completely tool-free setup
Backrest reclines a market leading 50 degrees at its lowest position
Easy to fold the back down for space-saving storage
Weight capacity 300 lbs.

Height Adjustable and weight capacity 300 lbs
Outside legs: 12.5" W X 12.5 D
Seat height adjustable from 16" to 23"
Weight capacity 450 lbs
Suitable all small bath tubs
Seat rotates 360° and locks every 90°

  • Comes in two sizes, 17.5" and 21.5"
  • Visual adhesion control
  • Tool-less assembly
  • Non-slip surface that offers a secure grip. Bar that mounts in a variety of positions
  • 3.7" Suction cup diameter

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